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Love Hansson

Data scientist. Stats junkie. Infrequent blogger.

I’m Love Hansson: Analyst, stats hacker, amateur designer. I’m all about data driven development, be it for purposes of analytics, art, or communication. Currently working as a data analyst at the Swedish Pensions Agency.


I work on various projects related to data analysis and visualization. Most are open source. I’m also constantly striving to expand my knowledge. Currently my main focal points are machine learning, automatization of analytical processes, and data driven art.

I use a lot of tools, but two that stand out particularly are the R language and D3.js in its various incarnations.

Get in touch

I’m always open to new interesting projects and opportunities. If you want to work with me on a project, feel free to drop me a line!


Most of the development work I’ve done is on Github.

For a slightly more serious approach, see my LinkedIn page.