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Love Hansson

Data scientist. Occasional designer. Stats junkie. Infrequent blogger.

Mellokollen is a site I developed together with @cperriard and @luminita with design by @hisekaldma. It’s a visualization/data journalism site about Melodifestivalen, the vastly popular annual music festival which also serves as the qualification competition for the Eurovision Song Contest.
[website; open data]

Kvartersregeringen / Hack for Sweden

Together with friends @jensfinnas and @hisekaldma I won the Best Data Visualization award at Hack for Sweden 2014 with an app called Kvartersregeringen. The app simulated a government election based on what voters in your own constituency would have elected.
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pxweb is an R package for interfacing with the open Web APIs of Statistics Sweden and Statistics Finland, among others. I developed the core code for the package together with @mansmeg.
[source code]


Braceana is a lightweight, markdown-based CMS geared towards quick and easy stats publication using R-flavored markdown. It includes support for interactive graphics through Shiny based apps. I developed it in two days’ time as a proof of concept, so feel free to contribute to the source code!
[source code; live demo]

Stockholm R User Group

I’m a co-founder, former board member, and active participant of SRUG.